How It Works

  • Customize your recipes by adjusting ingredient preferences

    You have the freedom to substitute and/or delete ingredients from many of our recipes for your dietary preferencesOnce you have selected a recipe to add to your menu, but prior to it being finalized on your order, a recipe page will pop up listing all of its ingredients.  On this page you can make a few of adjustments to customize this recipe including:

    • Substitute ingredients – Substitutable ingredients are identified by a dropdown menu, which displays the default ingredient within every recipe.  For example, would you rather use ground turkey instead of ground beef (default ingredient) in your chili?  Or, you would prefer olive oil instead of margarine (default ingredient) in your muffins.  NOTE:  Substituting ingredients may slightly change the taste.
    • Delete ingredients – Many of our recipe ingredients can be deleted depending upon your taste or dietary preferences.  For example, don’t like green peppers on your pizza or in your vegetarian wrap?  Don’t care for celery in your soup?  You’re able to delete any ingredients that aren’t deemed essential to the recipe by unchecking the ingredient prior to adding it to your menu.

  • Getting started

    The FreshCooks Ordering System is very flexible, allowing you the ability to start an order based on any of the following options:

    1. Selecting recipes to create a menu or choosing a pre-created one.
    2. Picking your FreshCooks Chef.
    3. Choosing the date and time.

    The flow we recommend is creating your own personalized menu or selecting a pre-created menu first, picking your chef and then choosing the date and time. However, you’re free to vary the sequence in any way you prefer.

    1. You create the menu or choose a pre-created one

    Everyone likes options, and our in-home chef service delivers that. Some of you may want seven, four-serving meals. Others may prefer to have a number of recipes prepared to freeze and use at a later date, such as Hungarian Meatball Stew, Chunky Chili Con Carne, Lasagna, Tandoori Chicken, Beef Stroganoff and a few batches of Cranberry/Orange Muffins. You may rather have soups and casseroles or three large meals. You may even want our chef at your party or special occasion to provide fresh dishes while you enjoy time with your guests.

    You simply continue to add recipes until your menu is full. The duration of the menu recalculates itself automatically as recipes are added or removed. There is a progress bar to indicate time remaining and a notification if you have gone over the allotted time.

    “Basically, you choose what you want in your four-hours!”

    2. You pick the FreshCooks Chef

    You may already have a favorite FreshCooks Chef or you might want to choose one that’s been recommended by a friend. Like to try one of our chefs who has piqued your interest with one of our special offers or are you looking for a chef who’s passionate about a certain type of cuisine? You may also enjoy randomly searching through chefs, viewing their profiles before booking one. The choice is yours!

    All of our chefs are talented, passionate foodies who have been meticulously screened through our comprehensive recruiting process. We ONLY select people who have a proven track record of delivering excellent customer service and pride themselves on their rapport with clients as much as their ability to prepare great dishes. We demand reliability, dependability, professionalism and integrity from our chefs. Each of them must meet all of the requirements and qualifications necessary for proper food handling in your jurisdiction. All of our chefs are bondable and self-insured.

    Each of our FreshCooks Chefs provides cooking expertise to clients within their designated geographic areas.

    3. You choose the date and time

    If time is of the essence, you may prefer to jump into the FreshCooks Ordering System based on this priority first. Are you on a tight schedule or do you have some flexibility? Either way, we can accommodate your need to secure your booking time first.

    Our skilled chefs can prepare your recipes in your kitchen whether you’re there or not. If you’ll be away from home when your booking occurs, simply provide our chef with entry instructions during the checkout process.

  • Storage/additional instructions and allergy alerts

    On the recipe page, which displays all of its ingredients, there are also two comment boxes.  The first one is for instructions on how you would like your chef to put away your food and any additional comments/instructions you may have for your chef.  We recommend containers or sealable bags as a preferred storage method.  You will need to have enough of them on hand to hold all of your prepared food.  You can also add comments here if you wish.  For example, let us know if you need to reduce the amount of salt or like your food on the spicy side.  NOTE:  We are unable to add ingredients not in the recipe.

    At the bottom of this page is the second comment box, which is expandable.  Simply open it and leave detailed allergy information for your chef.

    From your instructions, your chef will ensure the recipe is made without those ingredients. If we’re not able to make your chosen recipes without the ingredients you’re allergic to, you’ll have to choose another dish.

  • The Basics

    Our use of key terms – It’s important to understand the way in which we use the terms recipes, dishes, meals and menus throughout our site. It’s really quite simple!

    • A recipe is a written list of ingredients, which is used to prepare a dish. You will be ordering recipes and your chef will be creating dishes.
    • A dish is a completed recipe.
    • A meal is a one-time event (breakfast, lunch or dinner), which consists of one or more dishes.
    • Our use of the term menu is not one of a traditional sense. At a restaurant, you order a meal from the menu and you’re done. With our service, you choose from a number of recipes to create your own personalized menu consisting of your selections (recipes). Technically, it’s the sum total of all of the recipes that you have ordered your chef to make during your booking. That could be one meal (multiple dishes) for a special occasion or a week’s worth of meals. It could even be several dishes that freeze well and last for weeks. This is a great option for people who enjoy cooking, but not on short notice.

    “While browsing through recipes, you are able to add/order the ones that
    appeal to you, creating a menu”

    Create your own menu – We’re pleased to offer you the unique ability to create an unlimited variety of menus from scratch. Browse through our wide selection of recipe categories, narrowing your preference to a recipe that appeals to you, then add it to your menu. Continue to choose and add recipes until you’ve completed a full menu. The duration of the menu recalculates itself automatically as recipes are added or removed. There is a progress bar to indicate time remaining and a notification if you have gone over the allotted time. All bookings automatically include a 30-minute window for our chefs to leave your kitchen in the same condition as when they arrived. During your menu building process, at any time, you can save an uncompleted menu to my favorite menus to access and complete at a later date.

    Choose a pre-created menu – We recognize that you’re pressed for time and may prefer to choose from our existing menus rather than picking and choosing individual recipes, creating your own. For your convenience, we’ve created a variety of thoughtfully crafted menus for you to select from. Our existing menus come from an exciting variety of sources including:

    • Executive Chef – Choose from the extensive menus crafted by our Executive Chef, who has built his outstanding reputation in the industry by his ability to think creatively and match cuisine with the tastes of clients.
    • By cuisine type – From Asian to Western and numerous ethnic backgrounds in between, we can satisfy your taste buds’ travel interests, all from the comfort of your own kitchen.
    • Additional menus – Our FreshCooks Chefs have created a wealth of delicious pre-created menus found on their home pages.

    NOTE: You can delete a recipe from a pre-created menu or substitute and/or delete a specific ingredient within a recipe.

  • What happens after I have completed checking out?

    Once you have paid for the service, you will be directed to a thank-you for your order page, which summarizes all of your order details and provides a link to view shopping list.  Follow the link and either print off my shopping list or email it to whomever.  After checking out, we will email you an order confirmation that includes this list too.  

    You can view your shopping list any time afterwards by logging in to your account and going to my account > my orders > my upcoming orders.

    You do not need to create an account while selecting recipes, picking your chef or choosing the date and time for your booking.  You will however need to create an account when your order is complete and you’re ready to proceed to checkout.  Additionally, creating a FreshCooks account allows you to:

    • Book a FreshCooks Chef to come to your home and prepare the recipes you have ordered.
    • Save recipe selections that appeal to you to your “Recipe Box”.
    • Save a menu you have created from our wide selection of recipes.
    • Order pre-created menus assembled by our Executive and FreshCooks Chefs.
    • Conveniently book one of your favorite chefs during the ordering process.
    • Subscribe to our newsletter “Savour More!”
    • Earn discounts on bookings.

  • You supply food and some equipment

    You are responsible for providing all of the ingredients required to prepare your recipes.  Because you choose the recipes and all of the ingredients in them, you know exactly what is in your dishes and are in complete control over the freshness and quality of the ingredients that they will consist of.  As an added convenience, we also offer you the opportunity to have your ingredients delivered from our preferred grocer, if available in your area. 

    Each recipe specifies what kitchenware you are responsible for providing.  Depending upon the dishes you’ve chosen, some of the basics you will be required to provide are:

    • Pots and fry/sauce pans
    • Cookie sheets and cake pans
    • Storage containers and/or sealable bags
    • Wax/parchment paper and plastic sealing wrap